My skills and knowledge developed from a unique professional path that has provided me with rich experiences and diverse perspectives from around the world. In 2016, I returned to the US after spending about a decade in Brazil, where I worked as a linguist, consultant and journalist, researching and writing about food and agriculture and related social and environmental issues.

Tired of working for non-profits, social movements and myself, in the US, I landed a role in due diligence at Dow Jones. Due diligence is the perfect field, in which I utilize my acumen for investigative research, foreign language and writing skills. In my current role at MUFG Bank, I interface with colleagues at all levels of the firm to protect it from money laundering and financial crimes. I feel fortunate to have created an interesting and promising career path in financial services risk and compliance during the last four years.

I am interested in opportunities in which I can combine my knowledge of food and agriculture and my experience in financial services to help companies and organizations mitigate environmental and social risks (ESR). We live in an extraordinary time. The challenges humanity faces are immense. Yet the threats we confront simultaneously present opportunities for positive change. In this context, I believe that food and agriculture are fundamental.

In 2019, the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report on land use stating that agriculture, deforestation and other land uses generate about one-third of human greenhouse gas emissions. While industrial agriculture destroys the climate, biodiversity and communities, diverse local and sustainable food systems based on small and medium farms can cool the planet, nourish all of its inhabitants, and build vibrant local, regional and national communities and economies.

I spend my free time developing Airbnb and food and farm side hustles at my house in the Catskill Mountains of New York, working on my house, being outside, exercising and practicing yoga, procuring and cooking healthy food, gardening and learning about medicinal plants.

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