Bella Sustainable, LLC

While industrial food systems contribute to climate change and environmental and social destruction, agriculture also has the potential to help stabilize and cool the Earth’s climate, and solve most of the other global crises we face – economic, environmental and social. Agrobiodiversity is critical to adapt to climate change. Small, medium and family farms employ more people per hectare than industrial farms. Local and sustainable food and agriculture systems can be vital backbones of post-Covid economies, in which regional economies and communities flourish while feeding the people healthy, diverse and culturally-appropriate foods.

In 2021, I founded Bella Sustainable LLC with the mission to import and represent, market and sell interesting artisan agricultural products from Brazil and the Catskill-Hudson Valley region, and to tell the stories of the farmers producing these products. Ideas include: maple syrup, coffee, cacau, chocolate, cheeses, beer, liquor and products made with coconut and manioc. If you are a producer or exporter of an artisan product you believe in, or have an interesting idea, please contact me.