environmental & social risk (ESR)

Scrutiny of companies’ environmental and social footprint is increasing. A rapidly changing climate and understanding of the economic and societal implications of this, heightened destruction of the Amazon rainforest and the planet’s biodiversity, mass comprehension that Earth is at the precipice of ecological collapse and awareness of extreme inequality worldwide are all contributing to this growing scrutiny. Companies will increasingly need to protect themselves from environmental and social risks (ESR).

I can help companies and organizations to mitigate ESR through due diligence research and on-the-ground intelligence gathering. I am a subject matter expert on public and proprietary sources of information online in jurisdictions throughout Latin America, and a skilled investigative researcher in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Adept at research on Google, Factiva and Sayari, I can conduct targeted adverse media searches and create targeted and tailored search strings in three languages.

My cultural and language fluency in Brazil, working knowledge of Spanish, and experience cultivating sources among indigenous peoples, small and large farmers, land activists and NGO workers, state and federal politicians and business executives has prepared me to help organizations understand complex issues and adapt to complicated situations on-the-ground. I can help companies reduce risks from supply chain disruptions, and to understand risks that emerge at the intersection of agriculture, climate change and financial crimes.

The knowledge gained from my academic work on sustainable rural development at the University of California and professional experience at the UC Small Farm Program can also be applied to help organizations improve their environmental and social footprints.

If you are considering investing in an agricultural endeavor or other extractive, land-intensive industry in Latin America, you should get the facts about who you are doing business with, the local communities that your business will affect, and the ecological impacts your investment will have.

ESR writing examples: